Pioneer Valley Cappella is very fortunate in our conductor, Geoffrey Hudson, a composer with exquisite taste and restless curiosity. This list of our repertoire over the last few years should give a sense of his programming. For our upcoming repertoire, visit our Audition page.

PVC Repertoire: Fall 2011-Fall 2017

Fall 2017: Home Grown
William Billings(1746-1800)The Beauty of Israel Is Slain (2 Samuel I: 19-27)
Karen TarlowDer Zaar in Oigen (Mani Leib) from Five Yiddish Lyrics
Karen TarlowHope Burns a Flame (Frederick C. Tillis)
Geoffrey HudsonTwo New England Songs: 1. The Dreaming of the Frogs (Henry Thoreau)
Geoffrey HudsonTwo New England Songs: 2. Let Evening Come (Jane Kenyon)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 1. The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 2. The Pasture (Robert Frost)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 3. Come In (Robert Frost)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 4. The Telephone (Robert Frost)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 5. A Girl’s Garden (Robert Frost)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 6. Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening (Robert Frost)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)Frostiana 7. Choose Something Like a Star (Robert Frost)

Spring 2017: Russian Harmonies
Alfred Schnittke(1835-1918)Three Sacred Hymns (1984)
César Cui(1452-1518)Selected Songs
Igor Stravinsky(1882-1971)Symphony of Psalms

Fall 2016: Clap, Weep, Rage, Sleep
William Billings(1746-1800)Queen Street (O clap your hands)
Hans Leo Hassler(1564-1612)Omnes gentes plaudite
G. M. Casini(1652-1719)Omnes gentes plaudite
Orlande de Lassus(1532-1594)Super flumina Babylonis
Heinrich Isaac(1450-1517)Quis dabit capiti meo aquam
Giacomo Carissimi(1605-1674)Plorate filii Israel
Thomas Tomkins(1572-1656)When David Heard
Heinrich Schütz(1585-1672)Warum toben die Heiden
Claudio Monteverdi(1567-1643)Ardo sì, ma non t'amo
Felix Mendelssohn(1809-1847)Warum toben die Heiden
Francis Pilkington(1570-1638)Rest, sweet nymphs
John Dowland(1562-1626)Come, heavy sleepe
Edward Elgar(1857-1934)The Prince of Sleep
Traditional, arr. HudsonStill, still, still

Spring 2016: Elegant Mechanism - Beauty's Insistent Heartbeat
Francesco Durante(1684-1755)Vespro Breve
Philip Glass(b. 1937)Three Songs for SATB choir unaccompanied
Tommaso Traetta(1727-1779)Stabat Mater

Fall 2015: The Magnificat Seven - Magnificat Settings Through Seven Centuries
Robert Ramsey(1595-1644)My soul doth magnify the Lord
Pierre de la Rue(1452-1518)Magnificat
Felix Mendelssohn(1809-1847)Mein Herz erhebet Gott, den Herrn (Op. 69, No. 3)
Guillaume Dufay(1397-1474)Magnificat Quinti Toni
Arvo Pärt(b. 1935)Magnificat
Marc-Antoine Charpentier(1643-1704)Magnificat (H. 73)
Giacomo Antonio Perti(1661-1756)Magnificat in F

Spring 2015: Opus ultimum
Heinrich Schütz(1585-1672)Der Schwanengesang for double choir & continuo

Fall 2014: Consolation - in Memory of Irma Mednicoff
Johann Pachelbel(1653-1706)Magnificat in D
Salamone Rossi(c.1570-1630)Odecha ki anitani (Ps. 118)
Salamone RossiLamnatseach al hagitit (Ps. 8)
Salamone RossiYitgadal (Full Kaddish)
G. P. da Palestrina(c.1525-1594)Sicut cervus (Ps. 118)
William Byrd(c.1540-1623)I will not leave you comfortless (Ps. 118)
Felix Mendelssohn(1809-1847)Aus tiefer Noth schrei ich zu dir (Op. 23 #1)
Felix MendelssohnAve Maria (Op. 23 #2)
Felix MendelssohnMitten wir im Leben sind (Op. 23 #3)
Felix MendelssohnHerr, nun lässest du deinen Diener in Frieden fahren (Op. 69 #1)

Spring 2014: Poetry and Prophecy
Robert Schumann(1810-1856)Romanzen und Balladen, Op. 67
John Tavener(1944-2013)Song for Athene
Leoš Janáček(1854-1928)Five Songs
Karen TarlowcontemporaryBe My Love (2009)
Randall Thompson(1899-1984)The Peaceable Kingdom

Fall 2013: Moments in Time - Choral Masterpieces from the Generation Before Bach
Henry Purcell(1643-1704)Welcome to All the Pleasures, Z. 339
Marc-Antoine Charpentier(1548-1611)De Profundis, H. 189
Dietrich Buxtehude(1637-1707)Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr, Bux WV 41

Spring 2013: Ein deutsches Requiem
Johannes Brahms(1833-1897)Ein deutsches Requiem, Op. 45
“London” version with piano four hands

Fall 2012: Great Mysteries - 450 Years of Music Celebrating the Numinous
Jacob Gallus (Handl)(1550-1591)O magnum mysterium (c. 1580)
Tomas Luis de Victoria(1548-1611)O magnum mysterium (c. 1572)
Tomas Luis de VictoriaMissa O magnum mysterium (c. 1592)
Bohuslav Martinu(1890-1959)Four Songs about Mary (c. 1934)
Josquin des Prez(c.1450-1521)Ave Maria (c. 1502)
Giovanni Gabrieli(c.1554-1612)O magnum mysterium (c. 1600)
trad./arr. HudsonMaria durch ein Dornwald ging (c. 17th century)
John Harbison(1938- )O magnum mysterium (c. 1992)
Johannes Brahms(1833-1897)Marienlieder (c. 1859)

Spring 2012: Of Song & Light
Francesco Durante(1684-1755)Magnificat in Bb
Hugo Distler(1908-1942)Kleine geistliche Abendmusik (Op. 6, #1)
G.F. Händel(1685-1759)O come, let us sing unto the Lord (Chandos #8)

Fall 2011: Sowing Tears, Harvesting Joy
Heinrich Schütz(1585-1672)Die mit Tränen säen werden mit Freuden ernten
Hugo Wolf(1860-1903)Sechs geistliche Lieder (Eichendorff)
Thomas Weelkes(1575-1623)When David heard
Hans Leo Hassler(1562-1612)Verbum caro factum est
William Byrd(1540-1623)Mass for four voices
Geoffrey HudsoncontemporaryA Shaker Set (8 Shaker Tunes)